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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Forecast, August 5-7, 2016 (0)

2016 | Aug 4

Venus enters Virgo on Friday. Theoretically, this isn't such a great place for her to be -- since Virgo is opposite Pisces (where Venus is "exalted"), Venus there is considered a little deficient. Anyone who puts too much stock in that notion hasn't seen someone with Venus in Virgo when they're hitting the town, though: these are people who know what they want romantically, and they know how to get it.


Friday: Moon in Virgo conjunct Jupiter (in fact, occulting it, which is when the Moon is directly between us and Jupiter) make the evening unusually well suited to loud partying and having a good time. Get out there and whoop it up a little!


Saturday: Moon in Libra is well suited to romance, and Venus square Mars is well suited to... well, to frantic enthusiastic (if perhaps ill-considered) sex. If you can find a way to make those two forces work together, you've got it made.


Sunday: The Moon in still in Libra, but today it's square Pluto. That might make for some unusual stresses and strains in your relationships. Mercury opposite Neptune may make your communications uncertain, so try to play into that Moon in Libra sense of diplomacy, okay...?

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