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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Forecast: March 8-10, 2013 (0)

2013 | Mar 8

The Moon makes a run through Aquarius and Pisces this weekend, and "run!" may be what it's feeling: it starts off with a square to Saturn, drifts aimlessly through the rest of Aquarius, then hits a pocket of confusion when it hits Pisces. How is anyone supposed to make romantic sense of that? Good thing that romance isn't really supposed to make sense, right? If you want your love life to make sense, less dating and more contemplation may be called for this weekend. Mercury and Venus are both trine Saturn, and that makes for great circumstances to get your act together... internally.

FRIDAY: The goes Void at 11:08 AM Eastern (2:08 PM Pacific), so if you can get your plans together and agreed upon before then, things will go more smoothly in the evening. Nonetheless, since the Moon's last aspect before going Void is a square to Saturn, the mood may be a little heavy and unsatisfied for the rest of the day. Still: as far as prospects for new romance, today is likely better than tomorrow.

SATURDAY: So, what to do when the Moon is Void all day long (or on the West Coast, until 10:19 PM)? My suggestion: study astrology. Note how Saturn is trine Mercury and Venus, making for a chance to solidify your connections to others. Marvel at how Mercury square Jupiter boosts the urge to communicate, yet tends to make the words come out wrong. Mostly, just loaf. Nothing new may be coming together, but things aren't likely falling apart either.

SUNDAY: They say that there are plenty of fish in the sea... but they neglect to mention how slippery and hard to catch the right one is. With no less than SIX planets in Pisces today (yes... six!), that metaphor could catch the mood nicely.... even if "a mood" is the easiest thing to catch today. Make some plans that involve setting a romantic atmosphere and you could land The Big One.

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