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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Forecast, September 16-18, 2016 (0)

2016 | Sep 15

Hey, you aren't afraid of a little ol' Lunar Eclipse, are you? There's no reason to be... at least not this weekend. Lunar Eclipses tend to hover in the background of your chart until it's tripped off by a transit, often weeks or even months later. So, don't worry. Mwahahaha...


Friday: Yes, that's a Lunar Eclipse, but mostly you can think of it as a Full Moon on steroids. So yeah, you can expect things to get a little moody and wild. Why not have some fun with it?


Saturday: Moon in Aries is always good for livening things up a little. Later in the day the Moon is trine Saturn, so who knows? Your good times tonight might actually lead to something lasting!


Sunday: Venus opposite Uranus is exact today... but it's been keeping things lively all weekend long. It's a shame you didn't get out and take advantage of that while you could, because the Moon is going to be Void of Course most of the day today...

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