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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Forecast, September 2-4, 2016 (0)

2016 | Sep 1

Hey... glad to see you survived that Solar Eclipse. I knew you would! Now, time to get back to the hard work of being alive and trying to get and/or maintain a love life. Lucky you, you've got Moon in Libra on your side for that this weekend!


Friday: Sun opposite Neptune is unrealistic, prone to misplaced optimism, and pays terrible attention to minor details. Sounds like the perfect time for romance, doesn't it? No, I'm not being sarcastic. Work with that mood and it can do wonders for you.


Saturday: Moon conjucnt and occulting Venus in Libra is great for l'amour, but combined with Moon sextile Saturn in the evening? That could be romantic AND has long-term potential.


Sunday: The Moon doesn't do much for most of the day, but towards the evening it's opposite Uranus. That could make for some real excitement. And here you thought it was going to be a Lazy Sunday!

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