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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Forecast, September 9-11, 2016 (0)

2016 | Sep 9

As you may have heard by now, Jupiter has entered Libra and a new era (of sorts) has begun. Many of us had a hard time making any progress in our love lives while Jupiter was in Virgo -- sorry, Virgo, you're great, but you just aren't Jupiter's kind of Sign. In theory, the next year will see improved conditions for starting and solidifying relationships. I say "in theory" because YOU still have to do some of the work. So get 'er done already!


Friday: Moon in Sagittarius is well suited to getting out and socializing and doing the ol' meet and greet, except that by this evening it's Void of Course. Meet and greet, but don't expect anything new to go very far.


Saturday: Other than a square to Jupiter early in the day, Moon in Capricorn isn't doing much -- which is a shame, because the long and annoying Saturn-Neptune square is reaching its final peak, and we could all use some help from the Moon to distract us from it.


Sunday: The Moon is still in Capricorn but has a lot more motivating it, with aspects to Pluto, Venus, and then the Sun throughout the day. If you can set up a date for Sunday evening, that (believe it or not) is the best timing to be had this weekend.

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