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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Horoscope: July 2-4, 2010 (0)

2010 | Jun 29

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction... squared by Pluto in Capricorn... is still making a lot of things exciting for a lot of people. You might find that excitement shifting towards the romantic... Venus is Leo is rolling into opposition to Neptune, and that can make for a lot of romantic feelings. Boy, it sure is a good thing no one's going to be out drinking and partying this weekend, and putting themselves in a position to make poor love life choices. Oh, wait. Happy Fourth of July!

FRIDAY: the day is sort of an oddball mix: the Moon is in Pisces (which is great for planning a dream or two come true), but for most of the day it isn't in close range to aspect anything, other than an opposition to Saturn in Virgo late in the day. And frankly, Moon in anything opposite Saturn isn't a whole lot of romantic fun. It might be a good time to lay some romantic groundwork for tomorrow, though...

SATURDAY: That's more like it! The Moon is conjunct the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in early Aries around 9 AM EST (noon PST), and carries that zappy, jolly momentum through into the evening... along with a final kick from Pluto. That makes this evening particularly loaded with emotional potential. Situations that have laid low for too long can be prodded back to life, and unstable situations aren't going to suddenly stabilize themselves either. A little caution and self-control (and possible a well-timed dodging) could make for some emotional excitement!

SUNDAY: 9 AM EST (noon PST) sets the tone for the day again... except this time around, it's because the Moon is square the Sun, square Mercury, and quincunx Mars. Hey, isn't the Fourth the anniversary of some kind of revolution, or something? And is that really an excuse to act so... revoltingly?

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