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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Horoscope: June 18-20, 2010 (0)

2010 | Jun 16

"Oh dear. Tsk, tsk," said Mars in Virgo. "Things couldn't get much worse than this."

Venus in Leo clapped Mars on the back and laughed heartily. "Don't be a silly pessimist," Venus said, "things could always get PLENTY worse than this. Just you wait!"


As a lot of you who frequent this astrology dating site know, Venus is generally considered to be in charge of "love," and Mars gets the credit for "sex." Venus in Leo is a fun placement, and Mars in an Earth Sign certainly has its uses (ahem), but the two put together are a little like a dog chasing its tail this weekend. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is currently strongly placed in Gemini. The Sun... which rules Leo and is therefore Venus' supervisor this weekend... is in Gemini too. And with the Moon passing from Virgo to Libra (also Venus-ruled) this weekend, it's like Mercury is secretly running the whole emotional show. That can lead to a lot of romantic plotting and scheming (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), or just a lot of thinking and talking without any action. Which course the weekend takes is entirely up to you.

FRIDAY: With the Moon conjunct Saturn, the forecast is more frosty than fertile. On the one hand, that makes it a good time to shore up existing relationships in a calm and constructive manner. On the other hand... does that sound romantic to you? Not me. Make dates and flirt today; follow through tomorrow and/or Sunday evening.

SATURDAY: Whew... that's more like it. Although a lot of the above-listed strictures are still in place, the Moon in Libra is in a much happier, more romantic place than it was yesterday, and it's ruled by that fun-lovin' Venus in Leo. Plan some romantic fun to start around sunset, local time: That Moon near the Midheaven will back your romantic intents, and that eighth-house Venus is only interested in one thing, baby. It's sexy time!

Got a Romantic Master Plan you want to spring on someone? Can you wait until midnight EST (9:30 PM PST) to make your move, when the Moon will be trine to both the energetic Sun in Gemini and dreamy Neptune in Aquarius... forming a sort of Bermuda Triangle D'Amour? Make it happen.


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