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Astrology Dating's Weekend Romance Horoscope: June 25-27, 2010 (0)

2010 | Jun 23

Early Saturday morning is the eclipse, with the Moon in early Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn may not have a reputation for being the most romantic of placements, but it knows how to make the most of a messy situation. The romantic outlook for this weekend may not be all that straightforward, but there are lots of emotions floating around that you could make some use of. Or at least there are plenty of arrows to duck, whether from Cupid or elsewhere.

FRIDAY: There may be emotional glitches earlier in the day as Moon in Sagittarius squares Saturn and then moves into Capricorn. The evening may run a lot more smoothly in terms of generally planning... but a transiting Moon that squares Uranus, then Jupiter, then opposes Mercury, and then conjuncts Pluto in short order is going to tend to instability. Don't be surprised if you find yourself clearing the air with a current relationship rather than starting a new one. And by "clearing the air," I mean "doing a lot of mostly-pointless yelling." And then the eclipse hits. Oh. Boy.

SATURDAY: Well, that's a little more like it. Around noon EST (3 PM PST) the Moon makes a trine to Mars, so you'll have an opportunity to put your drives to practical use. If you haven't got a date for the evening, send a message or make a call... your odds of pulling something off at the last minute are better than usual. Five hours later, Venus and Mars (although in different signs) will both be in the local Eighth House... which makes for a lot of sex on the brain. Sun and Mercury will be in the local Seventh House, turning people's mind towards partnerships. You know what I'm sayin'.

SUNDAY: Much of the same timing listed for Saturday still applies, with the exception that by 5 PM EST (8 PM PST) the Moon will be in trine range of Saturn. That makes it a good time to set up some fun like Saturday's but then cap it of with a little shout-out to the concepts of "commitment" and "building on the momentum we've started here." If you're here because this is an astrology dating site and you're looking for a committed relationship, make your move. If not... pick up the phone and make your move on someone new!

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