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Learning The Aspects: How Your Planets Talk To Each Other, And What They're Saying About You (Part Two) (0)

2010 | Jun 23

By Matthew Currie

Welcome back! If you are a member here, go get that free personality profile you got when you signed up. One of the benefits of being a member of The World's Greatest Astrology Dating Site is that you get to learn a little more about astrology... and about yourself too.

Last time (go read it if you missed it), we discussed how the aspects happen. This time, we're going to discover how they affect you and how the planets in your chart work. And since we are about to go on a voyage of discovery as to how the various planets in your chart work together, why not do it in style... on a cruise ship!


The symbol for CONJUNCTIONS looks a little like a stick man looking through a telescope, like the crew of a ship looking ahead to where the ship is going. When two planets are conjunct, they are in the same place in your birth chart, and their energies fuse into one thing. Those planets tend to have the same view of the world, and can be a driving force in your personality, giving you a sense of direction. Of course, those Conjunctions can also be so distracted by their own view of the world that they can overlook an oncoming iceberg. Often a strong Conjunction can be a driving force of your personality.


The TRINES are the First Class passengers at the top deck. They lie around and sun themselves and drink until the buffet opens and congratulate each other on being rich and successful and on a cruise ship. These are aspects that do what they do pretty effortlessly. Two planets that are trine to each other help each other out and agree with each other most of the time. On the other hand, rich people who do nothing but lie around enjoying their wealth are pretty frustrating to the rest of us, because they never seem to have any need to change, and their problems don't look all that bad to the rest of us.


The SEXTILES are the Second Class passengers down on the main deck. They're having a good time with their vacation, playing shuffleboard and planning which places to see first when they get to Madrid. They get along well with each other, and even though no life-long attachments may be formed on this trip, everyone's getting along pretty well. Like the Trines, things are going smoothly for them. Unlike the Trines, they have jobs to get back to, and at those they really don't do much until The Boss tells them to, or makes them. Thus the sextiles are good to have, but kind of sit around and don't achieve much without a little push.


The SEMISEXTILES and QUINCUNXES are all those poor immigrants crowded into the Steerage section. Imagine cramped, dirty quarters where the Irish immigrants and the Indian immigrants are all rooming with the Nigerian and Norwegian immigrants. They don't really have much in common; they don't speak the same language, and yet have been thrown together under the same circumstances with the same destination. They don't understand each other and think each other's cooking stinks. They have to cook, because no one is going to let their kind into the buffet. Overall, they are easy for everyone else to ignore, although occasionally an interesting brawl will break out amongst them.


The OPPOSITIONS are like the pistons in the engines. An opposition links two planets on the opposite side of the Zodiac from each other, and they send energy back and forth to each other and drive each other. Sometimes they drive each other to new heights, and sometimes they just drive each other crazy. They can be loud and clunky and sometimes they cast exhaust that obscures the nicer features of the cruise ship, but without them you'd have a hard time getting anywhere, unless you just sat there waiting for a push from the wind.


The SQUARES are like the propeller blades: loud and choppy and dangerous. If you really want to be hurt by someone, stick your hand into their Squares when they're having a bad day. No one really seems to like the Squares, but they can really get you moving. These may not be the "best" or most comfortable or most loved features of your birth chart, but more often than not they're the most interesting thing about you... especially if you're an engineer of sorts and really want to understand what makes you work. If you learn how to work with the Squares in your chart, you can pretty much get wherever you want to go in life. Let them do their own thing though, and you're going to be a hazard to everyone else's navigation.

NEXT TIME: We sort out the important stuff from the less-important stuff... and we figure out what that cloud of smoke coming out of the steam stacks is all about.

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