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Our Weekend Romance Horoscope: April 23-25, 2010 (0)

2010 | Apr 23

The big news this weekend is Venus entering Gemini. If you go by the descriptions, Venus in Taurus was all sexy and sensual, whereas Venus in Gemini sounds like it's too busy organizing parties and chatting. And the Moon is in Virgo for most of the weekend, which brings with it a tendency to think too much rather than to take action. The truth, however, is that the vast majority of relationships start with some form of conversation... and regardless of your mood, if you spend all you're time inside your own head, you'll never get anywhere. So... get out there and get circulating. You'll get better results than you might think...

FRIDAY: This might not be the best day to get something started... but an interesting formation pulls into place around 7 PM local time. Sun and Mercury in the 7th, Venus in the 8th trine Saturn, and Jupiter and Uranus in the 5th. If you're looking to propose to someone... or proposition them... it's solid timing. If you aren't looking to do anything so bold, those same forces could give you a big boost.

SATURDAY: Almost exactly the same forces as yesterday are in play, except the Moon and Saturn are both in your local 11th House ("love received")... so you're likely to get significantly less thrilling results. Man... don't you just love astrology?

SUNDAY: Venus in Gemini and Moon in Libra lighten the mood significantly, and around 5:40 PM EST (2:40 PM PST) they are trine to each other, amplifying the effect. Spark up a conversation. Bat your eyes. Flirt. Make that first phone call, or send that first e-mail. You're likely to feel a little more charming than usual... and odds are good that you're right. As for the evening advice for the last two days? Forget it. Let's be practical here: it's Sunday evening. No one proposes marriage (or propositions someone) on a Sunday evening, do they?

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