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Saturn Returns To Virgo: The Sequel No One Asked For (1)

2010 | Apr 14

By Matthew Currie

No one seems to like Saturn. Whenever it comes up in conversation between people who know astrology, it invariably is used to describe suffering, pain, obstacles, rigidity, and all sorts of general pestilences. These are all things that Saturn rules, of course... but that kind of generalization misses the point.

Likewise, retrograde planets are usually considered bad news. Oh sure, you can dress it up with things like "Mercury retrograde means turning your thoughts inward" or something similarly wise-sounding... which is surprisingly little comfort when your e-mail crashes and you sign a bad agreement.

And come to think of it, Virgo is pretty misunderstood too. They're intelligent, charming, and surprisingly sensual people at times... yet every description you read of Virgo tends to make them sound a little like that antibacterial hand sanitizer stuff: clean and sensible, but kind of bland, and it ultimately evaporates to nothingness.

Now, if you subscribe to all of the above notions, Saturn Retrograde in Virgo probably sounds pretty scary. It's not, actually. Saturn brings structure. It rules your bone, and just try getting anywhere or getting anything done without your skeleton. Retrogrades can, in many ways, moderate the effects of a planet that might otherwise get out of hand. And Virgo is smart.

Think of the Saturn-Retrograde-Virgo combination as sort of a cosmic clean-up crew. "Cleaning up" may not sound like a lot of fun... but imagine the stink if no one ever took out the trash. Ever.

By sign, here's your trash that's going to be taken out between now and July 21st, when Saturn becomes Libra's problem again:

Aries: Why are my health and all my routines not working like they should?

Taurus: Why aren't I having as much fun as I should?

Gemini: Why is my home and home life such a nuisance?

Cancer: Why is no one listening to my needs and perspectives?

Leo: Why am I so damned broke?

Virgo: Why am I unhappy with myself?

Libra: Why does it feel like there are Larger Forces at play against me?

Scorpio: Why aren't I getting the love and attention I want?

Sagittarius: Why is my work so much work, and not feeling like "a career"?

Capricorn: What am I doing with my life?

Aquarius: Why do I need to keep addressing my sex life and my resources, instead of just being able to enjoy them?

Pisces: Where's my partner? Who's my partner?

Or, put another way: Saturn entered Virgo in September of 2007, and left at the end of October 2009. What major impediments arose or came to a peak in your life during that stretch of time? How did you deal with them? And did you leave yourself enough ammunition to shoot those pests again, one last time, in the next three months?

COMING SOON: A discussion about Mercury Retrograde, written and posted during a Mercury Retrograde, which theoretically is a bad idea.

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  1. magenta says:

    Oh no, its not a feeling. There ARE Larger Forces at play against me! ;)

    Apr 15, 2010 12:09 PM

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