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When Your Partner's Saturn Squares Your Venus (1)

2010 | Jun 18

By Matthew Currie

When Your Partner's Saturn Squares Your Venus

Anyone who has had a relationship can tell you that no relationship is perfect. We're human, and the complexities of our birth charts reflect that. How many times have you heard a friend (or yourself) say something like this at the beginning of a relationship...

"Oh, it's sooooo adorable when you fall asleep and start snoring!"

And then, by the end of the relationship, you hear/say...

"If I lose one more night of sleep to your snoring, I'm going to kill you!"

Any relationship that lasts longer than five minutes has to both value the positives each person brings to it, and work with (or ignore) the negatives. Any theoretical long-term relationship that doesn't have to follow that basic principle must, sadly, await further advances in robotics. And when an astrologer, or an astrology dating site, makes a pronouncement as to whether a relationship is a "good" idea or a "bad" one has to take this into consideration.

Case in point: in most references, you'll see that if Person A's Venus is squared by Person B's Saturn, the relationship is likely to either be a non-starter, or simply a bad idea. The truth is, though, that if there are enough "good" aspects between the two people, there is a good chance the relationship will be "good." And, if the two people are mindful of the relationship, there's always opportunities to work around that particular "bad" aspect.

Of course, that doesn't make Venus square Saturn go away completely. One's perception and one's attitude can do a lot to soften the blow. If your Venus is squared by your partner's Saturn, you're likely to view them as cold, uninvolved, or unromantic. If you are both unaware of this, or are unwilling to work with it, you can get some pretty unpleasant results, no matter how "good" everything else may be about how you and your partner relate to each other.

Here, watch this brief educational film on the subject...

(SCENE: The kitchen. YOUR PARTNER reaches into the cupboard and produces a can with a plain white label. The label is marked "SEX" in big, plain black letters. YOUR PARTNER opens a drawer and removes a can opener, then opens the can. YOUR PARTNER inverts the open can over a dish and shakes it. A gooey, uniform, vaguely gelatinous mass slides out of the can in one chunk, and lands with an audible plop on the dish. YOUR PARTNER then places the dish on the floor in front of you, then pauses and stares at you.)

YOUR PARTNER: What? You still don't want any? What's wrong with you?

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  1. Teal44 says:

    ei yi yi, I want some but since I am a love addict my portion should be small and restricted until you can prove to me you will be my forever.

    Jun 21, 2010 6:38 PM

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